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Designing Your Third Age: A One Day Workshop to Create Fulfillment after 50

What is Our Third Age Workshop?

A one-day expertly facilitated session with your peers that includes reflection, conversation and exercises/activities geared to applying your learning to your life and work.  We address the following questions and issues:


  • As Second Age comes to an end, we may wonder “What next?” Or as Peggy Lee sang, “Is this all there is?”
  • In our society, which is so oriented to young values and lifestyles, these are challenging questions for those of us growing older and looking ahead to change or end our professional careers and renew our lives.


  • Research shows that we have new alternatives and potential options for living creatively and giving back after 50 and 60 and 70!
  • The new frontier of Third Age calls for a personal transformation that brings great renewal and fulfillment. This workshop introduces you to new maps that help you navigate successfully.

What are Your Outcomes from the Workshop?

  • Understand how your Third Age Identity differs radically from what we’ve known before – and how to begin creating your own positive identity.
  • Recognize how negative images of aging block your potential and why achieving real Third Age fulfillment is so challenging…
  • Change your negative images of aging, see the role paradox plays in helping you create a Third Age Identity and redefine success to suit and support the person you are now.
  • Create a powerful personal symbol to motivate you through your Third Age transformation.
  • Set and commit to specific next steps to build on the work you start in the workshop.
  • Make new friends whose support will help sustain your momentum as you continue the process of recreating your life.

We offer our public open-enrollment workshops on a periodic basis each year in various locations. If you are interested in sponsoring or participating in a public workshop in your area please contact us.

If you or your organization is interested in sponsoring these workshops in-house or in using our organizational consulting services please contact nancy@thirdagepartners.net or melita@thirdagepartners.net.

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